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About us

About the band

The band was formed on April 17th 2008. Throughout the years the line-up has been changing quite often, but eventually it stayed almost the same as it was in the beginning. 
Current line-up: 
Max Rozkrut – rhythm guitar; vocals. 
Andrey Liuty – drums. 
Mike Rubanov – lead guitar. 
Taras Karpenko – bass guitar. 
Because of the absence of the self-written material, the band made a decision to give it a try and practice their skills by playing some cover songs, while being in the process of writing some of their own. Starting from then, when the band was called «Y-axis», on their first live shows they were playing the legendary «Metallica» songs, which helped them being noticed. As time went by the popularity as a cover band was growing really fast, so it led to the formation of a «Metallica» tribute band. In this guise, firstly changing their name to «Scream Inc.», they started to grow their popularity in the post Soviet Union countries by playing there, and all around the world thanks to the internet. The recreation of the famous Metallica`s «S&M» show with the symphony orchestra, which took place in San Francisco in 1999, helped the band to make a huge step forward. Starting from 2014 this project is successfully selling out arenas in Ukraine and Russia. The big tour ended in a sold out Kremlin Palace in Moscow. 
In 2015 the band started recording and promoting their own material. The first three singles - «Higher And Higher», «Lyrics of Life» and «Open Fire» are included into an EP record called «Inception». Also there is a video for the very first single.

The band continues to work hard on their own songs, and also as a tribute band.


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